Of sole proprietorship is LINKit consult grown into a strong team of employees. This initiative surroundings we can best use each other's expertise. Along with a healthy dose of humor and creativity are the keys to the success of our projects.

Jeroen van Herk
Jeroen van Herk Owner/ Environmental & Water Advisor jeroen@linkitconsult.nl

Director of LINKit consult and advisor/project manager on water & delta management and environmental planning.

Gijs van der Linden
Gijs van der Linden Communication & projectsgijs@linkitconsult.nl

All round communication advisor.

Wilco de Bruijne
Wilco de Bruijne Consultant water/ Project managerwilco@linkitconsult.nl

Advisor/project manager on water management  with international experience.

Tamara Rijntjes
Tamara Rijntjes Junior landscape architecttamara@linkitconsult.nl

Landscape architect with an analytic eye.

Karel van den Wijngaard
Karel van den Wijngaard Consultantkarel@linkitconsult.nl

Advisor/project manager on water management and environmental issues.

Herman Wanningen
Herman Wanningen Wanningen Water Consultherman@fishmigration.org

Specialist in fish migration, water quality and ecological issues.

Hugo Niesing
Hugo Niesing Resourcefullyh.niesing@resourcefully.nl

Consultant / project manager on sustainable resources management

Marc Ordeix
Marc Ordeix CERMmarc.ordeix@mitmanlleu.org

Senior river and wetland ecologist, specialist in Spain and the Mediterranean region. Coordinator CERM,Center for the Study of Mediterranean Rivers

Roderik Schaepman
Roderik Schaepman Founder The R&D Dept.roderik@rddept.nl

R&D Dept does research, produces and creates solutions on communication issues. On social themes like welfare, sustainability, culture, environment and society. As long as it makes a positive contribution to society.

LINKit consult has built up experience in projects with several renowned profit and nonprofit organisations: Grontmij www.grontmij.nl, DHV www.dhv.nl, TAUW www.tauw.nl, Deltares www.deltares.nl, Imares www.imares.nl, AT Osborne www.atosborne.nl, Waterschap Hunze en Aa's www.hunzeenaas.nl, Stichting Zeeschelp www.zeeschelp.nl